A lot of anxiety. I think shares a source with the reason why old people come across as paranoid: They don't have much going on in their lives and the world is presented through mainstream media. In my case, the mainstream media is the internet. Been getting myself at least twice a week to ignore the internet, and try my hand at writing fiction, but that's relatively new.

Right now I'm really tired. Work bores me. Plus I am very harsh on myself regarding my mistakes. Not doing myself any favors.

After a spate of warmth, in addition to rain melting away last week's blizzard, the weather's turning back to cold and I'm a little reticent to head out. But I reckon I'll get my ass up any minute now.

two and a half hours later

I had a good night. Wound up speaking with three people and I hope I wasn't awkward. Wrote a letter to my friend in Korea and journalled a little bit to get my head straight and get direction for my life.

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