My browser has a few extensions for adblocking, avoiding cookies, and bypassing paywalls. It takes three and a half minutes to start up and function. The extensions are:

  • AdNauseam
  • Bypass Paywalls
  • Clickbait Remover for YouTube
  • Cookie Remover
  • Facebook Container
  • Flash Block (Plus)
    • I find it funny that Flash is dead as of January 12, 2021 and I still need this.
  • HTTPS-Everywhere
  • Overlay Remover Auto
  • SponsorBlock for YouTube - Skip Sponsorships
  • uBlock Origin
  • YouTube NonStop

I find it funny I need three site-specific extensions for YouTube. YouTube is trash.

a quote

I realized that the times in my own life when I’ve been most successful on Twitter—in terms of followers and retweets—are the times when I have been least useful as a human being: when I’ve been attention-deprived, simplistic, vituperative.

Jesus Christ.

Are Screens Robbing Us Of Our Capacity for Deep Reading? is a fine article posted over at LitHub

darker shit

I broke over the weekend. I think I'm out of the woods over the weekend but probably not. In short, I thought "People who don't want people to commit suicide are crabs."
Yes, the Crab Mentality where a crab tries to escape the bucket, ensuring survival rather than being boiled alive, but being pulled back by the other crabs in the bucket.

Right now I feel better, but isolation is killing me. Yes, I know I patronize a local watering hole at least twice a week but it's because around people and amid their din I feel like I'm anonymous and I can focus on my writing.

Will have more marijuana next Saturday the 18th. Right now I'm smoking crumbs.

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