Long ago GreyDruid on LambdaMOO created a little 88x31 button to announce to people that a website was made with Notepad. The original version included "The Right Way!" which I remember made maribou chuckle. After a fashion I still manually update inkubo.org except I haven't used Notepad in decades. When I was on Windows, I used an editor like Bluefish and I remember it also had a blue theme for its icon. After I switched over to GNU/Linux, more like Ubuntu which is babby's first distro, I discovered Bluefish and have been using it ever since. After heptapod.org's demise, I still used Bluefish to do my write-ups for the fortean/anomalistics website. Now that I'm out on my own again, Bluefish remains my html editor of choice.

I went ahead and created a new 88x31 button for Bluefish, but I'm not going to be deleting the old button anytime soon.

made with bluefish made with notepad

Here's what Bluefish looks like when I'm working on inkubo.org.

a screenshot of inkubo dot org being edited in the bluefish editor program

in other news

Over the past couple of days I've been thinking about depression being a habit, and like most habits it's not very productive nor healthy. I've found myself falling into old routines, anticipating behaviors from people who aren't those who conditioned me to expect negative responses. Plus with the relative quiet of the holidays I found myself regressing and holing up inside my own head which is not a good thing. I made excuses as to why I wasn't reaching out to people, judging myself as being the misery guy and never reaching out when times are good, so I needed to get my head straightened out a bit.

Had therapy for the first time in a few months, barring a brief phone call on December 23rd, and I found myself disgusted at what I allowed myself to endure without advocating for myself for so long. Nobody is a bad person, but people can be awful together.

Don't have much else I want to say here. Just want to clear my head.

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