Started my title searching at home then hoofed it into the county to finish the job. Not a lot of work but the way the county is set up requires a lot of walking. I go from the basement, walk down a hallway to the elevator, take that upstairs, walk to the deed room which is almost exactly on top of the room where I was working, stump around, make copies, head back to the elevator, stump back to the searcher room to polish off my search and grab my crap.

Since I'm not confident with my speed walking with the immobilization boot, I need to take the pedestrian bridge across the street. Turns out the elevator on the opposite side is out of order leaving me with a choice to walk back and walk more, or to take the stairs down and finish walking to the courthouse.

My ankle fucking hurts. Dunno if it's from all the walking or the cold or a combination of both.

Either way I'm cranky.

Having a lot of weird, invasive thoughts which are not me.

On the bright side, I'm trying to drive it through my thick skull that communication goes two ways. Either people reach out to you or you reach out to people. All the thoughts one has of, "They're ignoring me" or "They're taking a step back" or other nonsense may very well be because one hasn't reached out in the first place.

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