I have a four-day weekend coming up. It's not a true four-day weekend because I'll be working from home on Monday, but it means I'll have days where I'm not stumping around over all creation in my immobilization boot.

Yesterday at "speed dating" I was on my feet for more than an hour, and already I was feeling pretty crappy. The bottom of my right heel, going from the center of the heel at a 45° angle to the right of my foot I felt something was very tense and painful there. Iced it and come morning I was feeling alright. By the time I returned home on Thursday my right foot was acting up again like it was the last week of December. Icing it helped a lot. Kinda glad I bought a second ice pack because I put that under my heel, then wrap the foot ice pack around my foot ensuring that everything is properly chilled. Without that extra ice pack as padding, the bottom of my foot doesn't really get the benefit of icing.

Work was bearable but I was very quiet and worked in slow motion because the left side of my neck and shoulder was giving me a fierce headache. Applied Icy Hot at home, took a nap, and the pain went away. On Friday my co-worker isn't going to be in the office so I'll be flying solo. Hoping the jobs I receive won't demand much in the way of walking from me.

When I returned to my living space I did self-care, napped, texted Bloomfield a small bit, cooked and ate a cup of rice for dinner, and measured the doors on the house. Been thinking I need a reading chair and I should hit Habitat for Humanity to pick up a gently-used easy chair. The only places I have in my living space for relaxation are my bed and office chair. The office chair is not manspreading-friendly since the armrests aren't open. The bed isn't that comfortable, I imagine it's marginally above a prison cot, and there's no way I can comfortably sit/recline to read. I could lay down and read, but that means I'd wind up falling asleep and potentially not read something in its entirety.

Really hoping that my foot is healing and any lingering effects of this injury will be minimal or non-existent.

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