Yesterday I smoked weed for the first time in a long time. It was alright. Still smoking the crap my dealer sold me back in November and it's pretty weak. Tropicana Cherries is the strain. Even after drying out for a bit, the weed didn't hit me the right way. On Saturday I got McDonald's because I figured why the hell not? It was McDonald's and nothing amazing.

On the bright side, I reckon I'm being a little more health-conscious for myself. Actually I shouldn't say "on the bright side" because I don't see any downsides, to be honest.

Saturday was really fucking cold with temps below 20°F / -6°C / 267 Kelvin all day. Got my oil changed. Dropped off cat support. Waved to Elbie because he was outside bringing in the mail and bundled up. Played some Stardew Valley, but now the game feels more like a grind but not in a bad, grindy way like Terraria. Terraria feels like there is no end in sight. Stardew Valley seems to have concrete goals and one can discern them as the game progresses, unlike Terraria.

My biggest accomplishment was going out without my immobilization boot. My right sneaker didn't fit at first, but I loosened the laces and was able to put it on. Walked around carefully, not to mention being extra careful negotiating stairs, and I felt like my old self again.

As for Saturday night, I wanted to go out and do stuff. My friend in LBI was in NYC for their personal practice. My dealer was busy helping their significant other get set up in their new apartment. I know Bloomfield was busy with orders for their business, and had a friend over to help with the process. After I got Chinese food, I determined it was too fucking cold to head out and decided to stay in. Fortunately D.J. Rapekit has returned to Bonequest FM, so I listened to his show and recorded it with Audacity.

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