On Wednesday night I got stoned for the first time in a while. I slept through most of then night, wound up getting out of bed to fetch my foot ice pack and put it on my right foot. Slept a bit more.

Thursday was a good day. Most of the day I was quiet, a bit reflective and possibly ruminating but I reckon it's under control. What's of interest is how I turned around after work. First and foremost I acquired some new duds, including a new bathrobe. My old bathrobe was a hooded, boxer-style bathrobe bearing George Foreman's initials upon it and a gift from Jaybird and maribou while I lived in Colorado Springs. Of late it's been falling apart, a large hole had formed on the right side of my chest, the hook bit had fallen off, and the white trim bears some curious stains from many years of wear. When I returned home, I folded it up, thanked the robe like Marie Kondo would, then gently placed it into the bin. Cue bittersweet montage of me wearing the robe and our adventures.

Spoke with Bloomfield for the first time in a bit. Mostly I've been texting Bloomfield every day around 6 p.m. to see what's up.

Also at home, I tidied up my living space a little more and watered my plants. I'm afraid my glittery pine tree may be too dry but here's hoping the tree will bounce back. My succulent, an echeveria, seems to be doing fine but those plants are hardy. Still they need love.

Later I went to a bar called Kelly's on Route 35 and it was alright. A little pricey commanding $28 for buffalo calamari, a taylor ham sammich, and a Cok^H^H^H Pepsi. While I was there Twitter went down and I wound up shitposting to my friend Binnall's phone by text. Something about farm animals and Amish dating. Anyway on my way back I found myself chuckling and felt good. I wonder if it's the reintroduction of THC to my blood system, or if there are non-narcotic causes for that elevated mood.

Gonna go brush my teeth, smoke a little, then hit the hay. Blessed that I had a three day work week. Thank you Doctor King!

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