Session zero on Sunday went well. For what it's worth, it was a first session. Wound up playing Gale Michigan, the water genasi cleric, and had fun. A genasi is someone who's a half-elemental. An elemental is a being who embodies a classical element like air, earth, fire, or water. Some of them are born that way, others are transformed by weird magics or proximity to the elemental planes. Yesterday's entry has Gale Michigan's backstory among three others.
When the game wrapped, I realized more about what my character could do and how to add spells and cantrips to Gale's list. Holy moley, with the cantrips Guidance, Light, Shape Water, and Spare the Dying in addition to Bless, Fog Cloud, Guiding Bolt, Healing Word, and Thunderwave make for a very potent level one character. Looking forward to next Sunday and giving Gale a whirl once again.

Winds up that I have to use Discord on my phone to participate in the game. Probably Ubuntu is being fat and dumb with drivers and when I try using my earbuds with my laptop leads to a lot of static making my voice incomprehensible.

Despite the ray of sunshine of Dungeons & Dragons, Sunday was isolated and melancholy. I bought Chinese food for self-care and I'm hoping it'll help my mood.

Part of beating myself up, I realized I am putting way too much weight on someone. At least by my own estimation and cruel self-judgement. I don't have my own life and I'm falling into the fallacy of trying to live my life in someone else's life.

I'm afraid of saying "It's COVID!" is just an excuse.

When I last spoke with my therapist, she said, "Talk to you soon" and now I'm chuckling as if she knew I'd reach out and request another session to put my head straight.

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