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game day

Sunday appears to be my game day. Sadly it happens online, but at least it's something. My character Gale Michigan, a water genasi tempest cleric, is really fun to play. Plus he's really useful in-game which pleases me considering how most times starting a new RPG I feel like my character is half-baked upon creation and it'll take a month of sessions and a few levels to become playable. Wrath of the Storm, a damage-inflicting reaction, is very cool. Even though he has a ten strength, he was causing significant damage to a mimic we encountered in a mysterious tower. Sadly he was reduced to zero hit points, succeeded in a death save, and Nistia, the water genasi druid in our party, was able to get him healed up enough to travel.

The game is a bit hacky-and-slashy, I have a backstory for my character and I went ahead and broadened it a bit more. I'm going to stick with a lake theme. Gale's storm god brother is Tom Superior, who's actually quite humble for a storm god and his twin sister Dale Erie who isn't that spooky. Nobody really talks about Pierre Ontario and Bob Huron's been missing for ages. I'm used to a lot more in the way of roleplaying and developing character, but this makes me happy and I oughtn't complain.

What made me happiest during the Sunday game is how I felt my brain working, not to mention my exercise of restraint by not stealing the spotlight and dominating the game. Hoping it's obvious to the other players that I am an experienced roleplayer and they appreciate what I have to offer in-game beyond lucky dice rolls. Best of all, feeling my brain working affirmed my therapist saying I am very smart during my last session. I'm not about to win a Nobel Prize, but for a moment or two I felt like there aren't many people who are on my level.

I wish the game was longer than two hours, but y'know what? Leave people wanting more. Much like Hemingway's advice, "Always stop for the day while you still know what will happen next.

a model of gale michigan made at the heroforge website. the character is a skinny, bald humanoid with blue skin and a light blue goatee. he is wearing scale mail, wields a warhammer, and a shield.

The original model I made at HeroForge didn't have a goatee, but I figured after the rough combat of today that he earned it.

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