I was attending a pride parade and one of the floats was some guy in rainbow jockeys bottoming to a papier mâché horse. It was very weird. The crowd became more crowded and the street scene eventually became a crowded corridor. Some kids tried to edge past me on the right but I stopped one by pinning him against the wall with my shoulder. The kid complained and pulled out a semi-automatic pistol complaining about how he was going to be late for the shooting.

The dream changed and I found myself standing in darkness. First light to hit my eyes was the frowning mouth of a furnace, giving me the thought that I was watching one of the final scenes from Revenge of the Sith.

I woke three times during the night because I had a headache. When I got up for the morning, about ten minutes before my alarm, I waddled into the kitchen to cook some oatmeal. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something skitter from the kitchen into the living room to hide in the shadow of the coffee table. Took a little time to find a tupperware, wandered over to where the bug was 'hiding', scooped 'em up then plopped them outside. Pretty sure if anyone found this beast they would've crushed 'em underfoot.

At work I had one job that was a bitch, this lady between 1946 and 1985 was a mover-and-shaker in Ocean county real estate and many deed books came up for me to research because lots of books still aren't scanned in the computer. It required a lot of work, much to my disappointment, but I'm halfway through running the property in question.

After work I went to the doctor's office. My blood pressure is back to normal, sans blood pressure medicine, coming in at 148 over 84 so I'm back to taking my medication and I'm due back in three weeks for a check-up.

Still tired, hoping tonight I'll sleep through the night and get some rest.

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