I misjudged a friend because we mostly communicate by text. Something is lost communicating in that manner. I feel bad but everything seems to be okay and they don't seem to be none-the-wiser. Merely explained my health and mental issues preoccupying me over the past week and left it there.

Reached out to a Polish lawyer to enquire about acquiring Polish citizenship, heard back on Monday, and I just responded to his questions.

Communicating with people via text feels off-putting, and I'm trying to chalk it up to my current mindset. I texted my therapist to confirm the date and time of my next appointment and it felt like the response was curt. I texted Fish to tell him about The Night Ocean by Paul La Farge and he was appreciative of the recommendation but no other response.

All I want to do is say sorry to people right now. I feel like such a fuckup.

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