Before I was thrown out, I noted a woman at the other county clerk's office who seemed to be about my age. I asked if she had been title searching very long. By my reckoning it was sometime in October of 2020. She was trying to find record of an easement concerning her driveway and I offered to chain back her deeds. I also chained back her neighbor, then chained two other people she requested.
Here's the deal with title searching. All this information is a public record. If it's 'hidden' or 'secret' it's merely because people don't know about it, not out of some concern for one's privacy regarding their property. If it was hidden or secret, I couldn't be a title searcher.
Wound up doing two jobs for her, made "beer money", and moved on. Yes my intent was to see if I could get to know her better since I thought she is good looking. It was that time of my life where I began adding more than a handful of people to my friends list on Facebook but I'd already unfriended Leah and I presume vice-versa.
Recently Belmar, that's how I'm going to refer to her, reached out because she lost the original work I did and asked me to do it again. Got it back to her and found out a little bit of her quest. Apparently her neighbor comes on her property, they share a driveway (hence the easement) and a connection to an artesian well, and Belmar wants to ensure her property is inviolate considering she works six days a week and lives alone. Belmar showed me photos of her neighbor's house who has a barbeque grill too close to her own house and has wound up melting her siding. If her neighbor treats her own home in that fashion, goodness knows how she'd treat someone else's property.
I try and advise, mostly just listen, when Belmar reaches out with a question or for clarification. On Monday night she wanted me to confirm her block and lot number on the file map because I wound up confusing her. What struck me about our conversation on Monday was after she explained the situation, she said "So I'm 54".
Told her "Age ain't nothing but a number. I'm 51."
And the chat about her property went on.
Just something struck me as being odd, like she wanted to share more of herself. She already told me that her son died suddenly last year and I gave my condolences. I texed her with "So was today your birthday?" and she responded, "No. Today is not my birthday is it yours???" Told her no and gave mine.

Tuesday is when I begin physical therapy. On Wednesday I'm going to my therapist in Toms River. My right foot hurts, but the discomfort compared to mid-December is far from being as intense as mid-December of 2021.

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