I've not lived in Toms River for an entire year. During that year I was stoned a lot of the time, didn't accomplish much growth, gained forty pounds, injured my Achilles tendon and that injury precipitated gout attacks, a knee injury, and an ankle injury.

During that year I reconnected with my friend in Matawan, made a new friend in Beachwood and Egg Harbor City, establised some closer ties with people, discovered a new avocation which tangents my current job, erased a certain person from my memory, and believe my head is screwed on better now. Also I started inkubo.org like heptapod.org. Thing is a year or so ago inkubo.org ran WordPress and ran very briefly. Only thing I recall posting of merit was my trip to Brigantine and visiting Lucy the Elephant.

Leah messaged me today to stop using Amazon Prime. Prime is $155/year and it allows another person in a household to access it for no additional charge. I tried to explain to her that she linked my Amazon account, created back in Colorado, to her account so I'd have access to Prime and she can disconnect me at any time. Instead Leah said I should just stop.
I spiralled a little bit because it seemed so petty and why is she complaining about it now? It's not like Leah said she was cancelling Amazon Prime to save money. So I did what any sane adult would do and hit the supermarket, bought a $5 pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, came home, ate it, and I feel somewhat better. Fitting considering one of my recent entries on such behavior and the chemistry involved with it.

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