Found myself eating a brick of Philadelphia Cream Cheese and it's about as disgusting as I could imagine in waking life. Overcome by the foulness of the substance, I get up and try to find some tomato sauce to mitigate my disgust. Walking into another room I find a woman who's eating a plate full of black nightshade berries with gusto which I find to be unsettling, but she's not adversely affected by them. Yes I know tomatoes are part of the nightshade family.
I head outside into the night and see a tall, spikey mountain range backlit by a full moon. These mountains aren't like the ones I know from Colorado by any stretch of the imagination. They truly resemble the jagged, rough spine of a dinosaur as depicted in Primitive Planet if a little more exaggerated. A voice tells me I'm on an island in an atoll around Guam and how many of the people here either work for the U.S. government or are enlisted military. A spotlight in the sky, brighter than the moon, began following me.
Day turns into night and I can see the mountains are quite tall with very little snow at the peaks. In another direction I spy more familiar terrain remindimg me of the time I drove through Nebraska along with Colorado's foothills. A woman tells me that she can see the ocean from where we're standing but it takes me some time to spin around while scanning the horizon to spy the beach. During my scan I see the neighborhood is newly constructed, modern single family buildings, some yards but no trees giving me the sense of sterility. A noise catches my attention and I spy a convoy of military vehicles tumbling about in the foothills while helicopters buzz overhead.

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