My sister's car didn't work so she asked me to do a pick-up from my dealer for her. Got a full tank from running the errand so I'm good. Plus I scored some LSD to add to my microdose mixture and hopefully it might make the hit a bit more profound. Heading into north New Jersey is terrible because there's so much traffic up there.
As soon as one crosses the Driscoll bridge, the Raritan river is the unofficial demarcation twixt south and north Jersey, that's when everything becomes asses and elbows. Progressing further up the Garden State Parkway traffic becomes more dense and hectic which is a bit of a rude awakening compared to living in Neptune, and formerly Toms River, where the only real traffic happens during summer weekends. Even then Monmouth and Ocean counties are positively packed compared to the roads out west in Colorado.
Drove through my hometown and some parts of suburbia remain pleasant, but the homes which can't keep up with capitalist progress and New Jersey's special brand of usury in the name of property taxes stick out like sore thumbs. Took advantage of being in my hometown to visit the Asian supermarket, acquired some spicy ramen noodles and a black cherry soda, but the shopping complex hosting the Asian market was half-abandoned and really run-down. Even the gym next door was an empty shell. Really sad to see the decline but that's not my problem.
Transaction with my dealer was quick, had a quick catch-up conversation before heading to my sister's for the drop-off. My dealer was stoned and really couldn't pay much attention, not to mention they're busy getting ready for a legit vendor booth at the north Jersey Pride festival. Eventually reached my sister's, got fifty bucks for gas since it runs $4.79/gallon and went home. Of late my podcatcher of choice has been a boring wasteland with no real new content. The Hidden Brain is doing a "Money 2.0" series and I'm avoiding it because it's only going to stress me out. 99% Invisible is on break, I reckon, and there haven't been any new episodes of note in a while. The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society's podcast Voluminous is monthly and won't drop 'til next Sunday. I have a backlog of Cows In The Field but I really don't give a shit about many of the movies they cover, and even when they address a film of interest the presentation is over-long and meandering.
So I listened to The New Yorker Radio Hour and their episode on flying saucers and it was okay. Then there was another episode, I can't remember because it just became background noise, followed by an episode addressing January 6th. I listened with trepidation, hoping it'd go against the grain of what I typically hear on NPR but the best laid schemes... as they say. It was the typical liberal nonsense of, "Well, we probably already lost the 2022 midterm elections. Let's wring our hands then run some ads for Peleton and Squarespace and maybe that'll make things better.
Or give us beer money.
As usual they did nothing to engage audiences nor suggest useful things which can be done to ensure the Democrats retain or grow some manner of political power in Washington. Reckon this strategy is based on the idea, "We're not going to stoop low like our counterparts!" But then they're left wondering what the hell is wrong when liberals get even more marginalized. Jesus Christ, stoop low! Kick them in the balls because they've been kicking liberals in the balls for ages and basically our response is, "I can appreciate your point of view. Golly that hurts. Can you try not to do th... OOF!"

Fucking doomed.

trying to do some good news

Reposting from Twitter because I'm lazy.

Okay here's the deal.. My friend in EHC said they miss me. My friend in Bloomfield always chats with me a little in the morning and sent me turmeric capsules that haven't arrived yet. (They arrived on Thursday afternoon) I commisserated with my friend in Matawan today over growing older. Me and my orthotics and them with an AARP application arriving in the mail. My friend in Whiting is trying to get me LSD or MDMA. My friend in Newton reached out to me, unexpectedly, and we had a lively chat. And Binnall came out of the woodwork to tell me about Walgreen's hours. (This is an in-joke between us) On June 21st I'm going to stay over at my friend Dave's place since I'll be in Cherry Hill for a seminar that evening. And I'm going to Laser Grateful Dead at the Novins Planetarium later that same week with my friend in Matawan. I may or may not go to my support group because it's a 70 mile drive one way. (Leaning towards no)

My life doesn't begin nor end with Leah. I am loved and wanted by other people than her. It hurts less to walk and now I have orthotics to help me. (Wore them for several hours, rather than two, on Thursday and I hope I didn't overdo it) My little echeveria is thriving. I saved this little plant's life when I repotted the echeveria in desert soil mix with blood meal. Also I'm proud of my friend OnlyWednesdayMu having an event this weekend and I know he's going to kick ass. Finally I messaged my friend Jeon in South Korea by Telegram.

Just wish I knew why it's so easy to forget the good things in life, letting them become clouded by the bad things.

I am not alone. I have friends.

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