Most of what I recall had me in a town surrounded by a forest and vegetation slowly encroaching on the town's borders. People couldn't get out and those who dared brave the hedge were lost or presumed dead. At one point I thought I saw a break to escape through the hedge, scrambled down a wooden tunnel of woven branches, past several doors towards a dead end. At the dead end I recall the hege coming alive and throwing hundreds of branches at me as a punch rather than to grab me and pull me into whatever lay within its mass.

Scene shift, I'm in a building with some friends from wakiing life. The only one I recall distinctly was my dealer and we were having a conversation much like the one we had on Thursday evening when I picked up for my sister. I kept thinking how I had the power to do a remarkable favor for my dealer but I didn't know how to wield it, nor did I want to raise their ire because it would cause a significant change to their person. To be brief, reduce their weight and remove their excess skin.

Chaos continued, mostly-forgotten threads of oneiric scenes, followed by my friend in Matawan calling me. "Meet me at my bookstore."
"You mean the occult bookstore in Toms River?"
Matawan hung up and I woke up.

world politics out my ass

So Putin decided to invade Ukraine on the premise that the Azov division was a neo-Nazi threat to Russia, Ukranians, and the world. Oh noes!. Yet Russians have been accused of trying to stoke racial tensions before the 2016 election in order to tilt the odds in favor of the former POTUS. Of course Laura Ingraham notoriously 'greeted' the former POTUS-to-be with a Hitler salute at the Republican National Convention back in 2016 and the POTUS-to-be returned the gesture. White nationalism was hyped as a bogeyman throughout the former POTUS's regime and a cursory image search for swastika and the former POTUS's surname return dozens of results, and that should inform you, gentle reader, of the depth of my research.

The ongoing narrative blames Russia for the 2016-2020 shitshow of the United States of America with election interference, fake news, and social media manipulation. Well if Russia chose a weak premise to invade Ukraine because of a very weak minority with Nazi leanings, what would stop Russia from trying to 'save' the United States of America from its own internal Nazi threat?
Knowing how the Ukraine invasion is going, Russia is broken down, poor, and maintains shitty logistics. The United States of America remains a true superpower in name and strength and would mop the fucking floor with Russia. Russia is no longer the Cold War bogeyman capable of bringing devastation to these United States. But they're smart by not directly engaging us, formenting divisions within the USA and hoping it works against our best interests. Plus it's easier and cheaper to keep Republican politicians, along with Manchin and Sinema, paid off through the blockchain after being kicked off SWIFT. It's a page out of Sun Tzu's Art of War.

Maybe Russia manipulated votes, directly or by proxy, but the social damage they caused by utilizing the internet is profound.

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