Woke up around four in the morning on Sunday with a headache. Not to the extent of the headaches I experienced during 2017 and 2018 that I chalk up to being overhydrated, but significant enough to stir me from slumber. So I played Hurgle and put Icy Hot on the back of my neck which helps. Out of curiosity and being awake I searched for migraine and Icy Hot only to discover calling these headaches migraines was hyperbole and not even close to the migraine experience. Also I discovered something else — Malic Acid: Avoid artificial sweeteners and low calorie drink mixes like Mio.

Well fuck.

Leah mixes some fruity shit in her water and I asked her what it's called, and it's Mio. I bought the fruit punch version and it's okay but on Saturday I bought the mandarin orange version, found it to be quite strong, but figured it was a bit more flavorful than fruit punch. I had two glasses before hitting the sack and realized I probably gave myself a headache using Mio.

Reckon I'm going to be having plain ol' water and rarely mixing anything into it. Maybe the fruit punch, but not the mandarin orange.

For what it's worth I feel like I am ahead of the game. My car is cleaned, I have groceries, my living space is cleaned, I showered and trimmed my nails, and I'm looking forward to Monday being a good day.

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