For what felt to be half the night, I dreamt about deeds. I took on a side gig providing a deed chain to someone and was able to run out their neighbor's chain of title but I didn't run theirs. Let's just say I made an embarassing mix-up but immediately rectified it. While rectifying it I decided to peruse the chain of title for my acquaintance's property and saw how they and their neighbor's chain of title split sometime between 2004 and 2007. I couldn't find how it split and I'm worried that I made a rookie mistake. On the other hand both properties share a driveway thanks to an agreement/easement made back in 1922 so that may be the issue, yet the properties are in the same block but their lots are consecutive and different. The entire dream was spent crunching numbers, feeling out my searches, and trying to find that one elusive bit which could make all the difference in my search.
Then I woke with a headache that I blamed on the malic acid in Mio.

On Monday morning I thought I misplaced my oatmeal, potentially having thrown it into the garbage. On Monday night I discovered it was in my kitchen hamper and covered by the colander. On the bright side at least I have a second, full cylinder of dry oatmeal to cook up in the morning.

Everything is organized in my life right now, except for an untrimmed beard, so I can't complain. Also on Monday night I did dishes for the house since the sink was full of water and crap. Not literal crap, just crap. Sadly I found old labels and a band-aid in the water, but everything got washed up better than when the landlord does dishes.

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