Started remembering the dream when I found myself at a carnival or a boardwalk. One aspect to the locale stood out in that it had a 19th century vibe from kids being overdressed for something fun. Much in the same way people at the turn of the 20th century would wear those huge bathing suits at the beach. There was a large owl on the ground drawing a lot of attention and gathering a crowd around the owl. The owl was attacking a goose either to the crowd's entertainment or horror. Some people were trying to usher the goose to safety for what it's worth. There was some dreadful honking and when I looked down, I saw the goose had been decapitated at the base of the goose's neck. I could see how the neck was divided into thirds and heard the dreadful honks still emerging from the wound. I turned and ran but still felt the goose's blood spurt onto my back. I remember shouting something about the character of all the kids and immediately regretted my words.
I turned to run back to the carnival ground from the boardwalk in hopes of catching up with my associates in the dream. They were nowhere to be found and I felt whatever I said had pushed them away. I felt lost without their company and desperately sought them. I went into a brownstone tenement shouting their names, climbing up a broken staircase to no avail. When I reached the top I was at a real estate seminar talking about purchasing notes. So as one does, I took off my clothes, draped them on the back of a chair and began to wander around. Found one guy who was telling me about his formula for selecting the right notes to rehabilitate. "Can you send me the spreadsheet?" was my question and received a flustered response and a printout of his spreadsheet sans formulae. At that point I realized I wasn't wearing anything but underwear and socks. Fortunately I found a bedsheet, wrapped it around me and started talking with some people as if everything was normal. Someone who might've been Leah came in, threw me clothes which I put on while sitting under the sheet but the shirt was wrong. I was wearing one of my typical black shirts with a left breast pocket and this was a tank top emblazoned with a purple and red logo. Eventually I was able to put on my own clothes.

Being lazy and in a hurry this morning, I went to the bank to cash a check wearing naught but my bathrobe and sneakers. As I approached Asbury Avenue I saw there was some traffic. At the T-intersection I saw the cause – Geese and goslings crossing the road. The family made it across but the cars still didn't budge because there was a straggler goose bringing up the rear. I got a little teary eyed that in New Jersey people give space and kindness to these critters.

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