Saturday was a big nothing. Had another lively conversation with my friend up around Nutley and hopefully we'll be able to say hello in person during the final week of June. After that my day was in the doldrums. My friend in Matawan said they were going to attend the Asbury Park Tattoo Festival, mentioning how they were waiting for their bestie to get back to them, but I never heard if they would be in attendance so I stayed home. Around one in the afternoon the rain started and came down hard. I texed Matawan to see if the festival would still happen considering the weather but received no response.
It's okay. I know Matawan is flaky and very selfish with their time.
As the day progressed I realized the only things which spark joy for me at the moment are a Twitter account dedicated to old Nancy strips and a podcast by a writer for Star Trek about the series and his contributions.

As evening fell over the 'hood, one of the ladies downstairs was heading out for the evening only to discover her car was gone. Turns out it was involved in an accident, despite being parked on the side of the road, and it was towed away. I'm going to drive her to work on Sunday morning. No idea how she's going to be coming back home. I was concerned it was stolen but the cop who came by to take her report got to the bottom of the matter.

Speaking of cars, starting on Monday the street is going to be repaved at long last. The landlord says this street has been terrible to drive on for a decade and it's about time. What the work means is I have to park one street over. Hopefully it won't be awful and the projected timeline to fix the street remains a mere four days.

Also I'll see you in church, the check is in the mail, and I won't cum in your mouth.

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