I wake for the first time at 5:42 a.m. because I was afraid I missed the alarm. I flop over and try to get more sleep but it's elusive. Six thirty my alarm goes off, I'm putzing around to get ready and the woman downstairs knocks on my door because she's ready for her ride.
She's standing at my door with her hand held out. What? "I'm driving you."
"You're not going to give me your keys?"
"Oh no. I said I was going to drive you."
She goes on her phone, makes a call, and I'm left feeling really weird about the situation. First of all she's one of the central figures from the house drama back in May because it was her boyfriend who was kicked out of the house. So I text the landlord to find out if he has an angle on her situation. An hour later I discover that I texted the house thread rather than the landlord directly.


Anyway he comes out, I ask about the situation and he mentions how the woman is still naïve having been 'kept' since she was nineteen. I express my relief that I did overhear that her car was towed rather than stolen since I was afraid something like that could happen to me.
I run into the other woman living downstairs and she asks, "Why did you text the house thread? Now everyone knows her business."
I see her a little bit later while I'm sitting on the front porch and enjoying the rain then apologize. "It's okay, it's like we're all family here."
Oh man if she only knew how that may be a good metaphor for some, but not me. Deep breaths.

Knowing that I have $20 in my pocket I decide I'm going to get breakfast at the bagel place. The guy taking my order is very careful, asks me if I want salt, pepper, and ketchup. No. "Do you want cheese." "No thank you." My order is submitted, I pay the bill, I get six bucks and a quarter in change rather than $7.20 and remember what Epicetus said, "Starting with things of little value – a bit of spilled oil, a little stolen wine – repeat to yourself: "For such a small price I buy tranquillity and peace of mind.".
I wait, get my food then leave. Back on the front porch I devour the salt bagel and half of my smoothie then open up my plain bagel with just egg and taylor ham only to discover they put cheese on it.
Jesus Christ.
So again I'm heading there, I'm pleasant but ask the guy, "I did say 'no cheese', right?"
"Yes you did."
Deep sigh. "Okay, this is the second time here my order's been screwed up." I know my voice is not nasty nor rude but disappointed. They make me a new one and head back home. That joint was lucky for me, and I guess it's good that they fix their mistakes. Perhaps it's the price I pay for the good luck from patronizing them. Or on the other hand it's the universe telling me to stop getting fucking bagels. How every time I will order bagels from now on, the universe will make sure the order gets fucked up and the prospect becomes onerous to make me avoid bagels.

Fine. Uncle. I give.

The rest of my day is spent fucking around on my nephew's Minecraft server. Minecraft 1.19 just came out, I started it over with a new seed and it's a cool one. There are two villages near spawn, an ancient city is relatively nearby, plus one of the villages is situated in a mountain valley hidden from the rest of the world. Using my admin privileges to access creative mode and set things up for my nephew who hasn't logged into the server since April 10th! According to the Minecraft wiki — Creative mode strips away the survival aspects of Minecraft and allows players to easily create and destroy structures and mechanisms with the inclusion of an infinite use of blocks and flying. That ate up a couple of hours.

On top of that I cooked a bunch of chicken breasts for the week along with my ghetto Italian rice. Now that was a project but I reckon I did well since I sliced the chicken breasts myself instead of buying pre-cut tenders. Not to mention I acquired more chicken with whole breasts rather than pre-cut tenders. As always I cleaned as I cooked and did my best to leave no trace of my labors in the kitchen. Even took out the garbage which was overfull and completely disgusting. Wound up having to hose it out because people here are nasty and lazy. Two episodes of Far-Fetched later I'm ahead of the game once again and completed a lot of work.

Why is it that I'm so diligent about doing that work, rather than cracking down and engaging myself with that online real estate course? The former work has immediate rewards but the latter has delayed rewards which may be bigger and better than drawing a salary as a title searcher.
Definitely not because I'm lazy because if I was lazy I would've just ordered out.
Requiring me to tip.

really big news

Is a sentient and conscious artificial intelligence among us?

What most people accept as AI, like Siri and Alexa, are mere calculators compared with those envisioned by science fiction authors like Iain M. Banks, Robert Heinlein, and Harlan Ellison. But is truly strong and conscious AI already here? Blake Lemoine reckons as much and he earned paid administrative leave for bringing it up to his managers at Google. Blake's not alone, writes Nitasha Tiku, as many others believe so-called 'ghosts-in-the-machine' are already haunting the internet. Some may be good, others may be evil considering Yannic Kilcher's baby unleashed upon... 4chan? Matt Wille has the scoop behind This AI Posting On 4chan For Days Before Being Unmasked and its dataset wasn't drawn from the 'nicer' boards but the cesspool of /pol/. It's scary stuff consdering A Robot Wrote This Entire Article for The Guardian back in 2020 using GPT-3. More worrisome is this guy's own pet conspiracy theory — The Colorado drone sightings could have been an artificial intelligence exploring the outside world. Also consdering the Drone Swarms That Harassed Navy Ships Off California could be part of the same intelligence, life on Earth may become more interesting than imagined with PiperNet from Silicon Valley.

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