So in the last post I was completely hyped over the potential for a sentient artificial intelligence lurking in the depths of the internet. The next day, after sleeping on the idea, I realized this very well may be a public relations stunt by Google to push how its LaMDA is better than GPT-3 which is exclusively licensed by Google's competitor Microsoft.

The night before I did have a little breath of sanity by telling my friend Tim that I can see how UFOlogists get super-excited about Earth being visited by space brothers bringing salvation and strange, new technologies to uplift humanity to the next stage of being. Same bug, different context and that context being artificial intelligence. Also there's an interesting thread on Twitter where Neal Hebert tackles the issues popping up like mushrooms in the shadow of such tantalizing news.

Almost in the same breath, The Washington Post has this article covering This AI model tries to re-create the mind of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Yoav Shoham of AI21 Labs is quoted:

They fed the model roughly 600,000 of Ginsburg's words and created a tool that lets anyone ask it questions, to which it gives answers based on the massive trove of writing. “It gives you access to the kind of wisdom possessed by a person we hold in high regard,” Shoham said.

But arguing against such maverick ideas is Emily Bender, a linguistics professor from the University of Washington, is quoted:

(S)aid she recognizes the experiment's creators come from a place of respect for Ginsburg, but insinuating the technology can think and reason like the late justice is not accurate. "It can spit out words and the style of those words are going to be informed by the style of text they fed into it, but it's not doing any reasoning," she said.

Punctuating Pranshu Verma's article is this soundbite from Meredith Broussard, an associate professor and artificical intelligence researcher at New York University.:

"There is a ceiling on the technology because it’s not a brain, it's a machine,” she said. “And it’s just doing math."

I am trying to remain skeptical, but the eager enthusiast kid on Christmas morning in my head is having a tough time. I hear him screaming those people are just doo-doo heads who don't want anyone to have fun. At least he's not arguing for a cover-up from the highest levels.

Riffing on this theme I tweeted at the H.P. Lovecraft historical society: feed all of (HPL)'s fiction and correspondence into GPT-3 and see if one can recreate him artificially. i'd say it'd probably be quite interesting. Followed by this pull quote from the Ruth Ginsburg article:

They fed the model roughly 600,000 of Ginsburg’s words and created a tool that lets anyone ask it questions, to which it gives answers based on the massive trove of writing. “It gives you access to the kind of wisdom possessed by a person we hold in high regard,” Shoham said.

With correspondence alone, H.P. Lovecraft wrote substantially more than 600,000 words in his forty-six years on Earth. I think it would be an interesting project. Moreso when GPT-4 drops or Google makes LaMDA accessible for the public.

And yet another digression: Why not feed my entries from heptapod.org, my LiveJournal, and inkubo.org and see if an articial intelligence algorithm can recreate me.

In other news, I'm binging on Silicon Valley and I am really enjoying it. I'm retreating from the world, perhaps it's an exascerbation of my situation keeping me from walking around, affordably visiting destinations, and recovering from injuries. Perhaps not.

For example on Monday the woman downstairs, the one whose car was towed, phoned me four times to ask me for $200 so she could get her car out of the impound lot. Four times. When I called her back and she explained the reason for trying to reach out to me, I explained that I barely had money to make it through the week and all that chicken I cooked on Sunday was meant to last me for that time. She asked if I could give her $150 and I stood firm telling her no.
Jesus Christ, if she needs $200 and will be happy with $150 then where the fuck is she getting the other $50 from? Santa Claus? I ruminated upon her situation and wondered who in my life that I'd lend money to without a care it'd be paid back or not. Sad to say I was not very happy with my conclusions, even though they felt right. Moreso the insistent begging for money from me, by a stranger, reminded me of my blood nephew and his friends on the Minecraft server I set up for them. If I log in and they're there, I'm deluged with "Gimme this" and "Gimme that" and "Give me what your blood nephew has" with nary any gratitude like a simple 'thank you'. My sister doesn't help things by dismissing it with, "They're 8-9 years old. What are you expecting?"
Well shit, my biological mother would've slapped me around or verbally berated me if I forgot to thank someone for a gift. My biological father would've guilted me hardcore, then probably ask that I give him something because he gave me so much and I should give back to him.
No. Fuck that. Teach those fucking runts some fucking manners. Bad enough I flipped my shit last year when one of my blood nephew's dipshit friends was trying to log into the server after I updated it but disabled logins 'til it was ready. Server kept crashing on me so I left it down. The excuse my sister gave for this little shit? "He's from a broken home."
Boo hoo.
No, fuck you and fuck his broken home. Learn some fucking manners.
On top of that, I pay for the fucking server. It's peanuts, relatively speaking tbh, but apparently my blood nephew won't log in unless I'm there to give him top gear. He won't mine for diamonds. He won't explore the nether. He won't do any of the work, just expects to be given crap without a thank you.

For what it's worth I logged in, command-line'd a bunch of cool netherite swag for him, and left it at that. After work on Tuesday I logged in, his little shit friend was fucking around with another player I didn't recognize. I gave them diamond armor but netherite tools and sword. They asked for golden carrots but I gave them 64 carrots and told them to mine their own gold and make their own golden carrots.

Yeah it's a fucking game, but Jesus fucking Christ talk about being fucking lazy.

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