I am having a little bit of a slip with reality. On Wednesday I went over to see Leah, she made me tacos and we chatted. I brought up my brief situation with the woman downstairs who thought I was going to lend her my car then thought I was going to lend her $200 to get her vehicle out of hock.
Those kinds situations push me away from interacting with people.
Followed that with talking about running the Minecraft server for my blood nephew, and how he and his friends annoy and beg me for gear because I'm an admin. There's a bit more about them being little shits, not to mention I emphasized to Leah that is why I will not have children. Leah then started berating me about how I don't like children, don't enjoy my blood nephew, and so forth. What was weird was when she brought up something from second or third grade: I came home from school, was frustrated about a situation at school so I kicked a hole in a wall.
I don't remember ever telling her about that.

On Thursday I texted my friend David, who got me the job as a title searcher, and I brought up how I now idly wonder if a woman shaves or not. Dave mentions how women our age shave, but younger women do not. On top of that, he says younger women are also hot for 'dad bods' which is a boon for both of us. So I sent him a meme:

a set of four images. first image features a woman looking in disgust. image next to that one is a handsome thin man with traditional good looks. third image is the same woman looking curious and approving. the fourth image is a guy with some meat on his bones and hairy, embodying a dad bod

Dave laughed at the image then said, "That woman in the picture always reminded me of your ex-girlfriend."
"Which one?"

Malyss doesn't look anything like that woman. On the other hand, I don't recall when Dave actually met Malyss in person.

Have I mentioned I've been enjoying Silicon Valley? I have been enjoying Silicon Valley. My friend Tim tells me he got bored around the 5th season and suffered through the final season. Trying hard not to allow his opinion to color my enjoyment of the show.

I bring this up because on Wednesday night while doing dishes I had a conversation with my landlord about real estate. I discussed my interest in real estate and my landlord began telling me about his adventures in real estate, a potential opportunity in Wilmington, Delaware, rehabbing properties, and other stuff. Then we talked a little about politics and it was fine, unlike talking with Jaybird which tends to be very adversarial in that Jaybird leverages his philosophy to make people agree with him and forget their previously held beliefs. I never get the idea Jaybird listens, but whatever. I don't like debate, I don't enjoy arguments.

Two hours later it was time for bed, and I thought in my head, "Am I in an incubator for people who are going to make their fortune in real estate?" This thought crossed my mind while cooking rice on Thursday night when I expressed gratitude to myself for not getting that room in Wall managed by this old misandrist biddy. If I took that, I wouldn't have had these kinds of opportunities nor would I have encountered these kinds of people.

I use the word incubator because that's what Bachman in Silicon Valley is running in his home, a hostel for app developers who are working to change the world with an app.

Need to think more on this point.

Either way, I feel good. Just wish walking down to the Asbury boards in the evening was in the cards as I continue to recover from my various injuries.

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