From 2014 until 2021 I was a member of a local astronomy club. April of 2016 I took over production of the astronomy club's newsletters because the editors at the time were moving out of state. Since I have a background with desktop publishing and writing it was a natural fit for me. I find myself fortunate that I found Scribus because the original editors were using Microsoft Word.


So in a month I reinvented the wheel then over the course of five years I kept making it rounder. With very little in the way of feedback I grew weary of it, compounded with my living situation in Toms River, and resigned in January of 2021. Some issues weren't very good, others were spectacular, others were me 'phoning it in'. Still I felt useful and like I was contributing something.

The other night I did a vanity search and found this at the new astronomy club website.

Welcome to the new ASTRONOMY NEWSLETTER ONLINE. An online publication for Astronomy Club members. The next stage of the prior successful Astronomy Newsletter that our club member ran for almost five years. We truly appreciated all the hard work he put into it and hope we can meet the same standards he held while publishing Astral Projections.

Jeez, after dealing with fucking hardcore autism and a socially-awkward club President who was needlessly rude to me that knocked me over with a feather. I really did put a lot of myself into the newsletter. I'm not particularly inclined to revisit it with another astronomy club, but I feel validated.

Here's where one can check out most of the newsletters I produced in that period of my life. Some of the larger PDFs aren't uploaded but will be eventually.

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