I was looking for someone in my hometown around the former Quick Chek across from my high school. In my dream it was converted into an unusual glass building. The main floor was all windows but the second story and roof was an unusual, curvy arabesque with red tile and spires. The roof had a significant overhang of the lower building and that's where I eventually found myself talking to a young black woman. There was a squirrel scurrying around upside-down on the ceiling of this overhang and it was carrying a slip of paper bearing a, presumably, important message.
The scene shifts and the black girl is on top of me, riding my dick hard, and she's looming large in my vision. At one time she rubbed her forearm across her small tits and they became covered in fluid.

That's all I can recall.

My Saturday was spent writing for the fortean site, doing laundry, remarking upon the fact that walking without my orthotics and taking ibuprofen exponentially reduced my discomfort. Still being very cautious with my feet and ankles.

Also I finished watching Silicon Valley and it was remarkably pleasing to me. The portrayal of socially-awkward and autistic types was spot-on, I got many of the jokes, and watching the rise and fall of Pied Piper was great fun. The departure of T.J. Miller who portrayed Erlich Bachmann was a little confusing but the show continued on, took a slightly different tone and never looked back at the guy who ran a Silicon Valley incubator which begat the series.

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