On Thursday I worked from home the entire day.

I forgot to mention yesterday my trip to the grocery store after my podiatrist appointment.
It seemed like everyone was in a daze and nobody noticed me until the last minute. People just pushed their shopping carts across my path mere inches from me before noticing, phone zombies staring at their screens, and people who just appeared to be distracted by something. I found it to be a surreal situation since there were six encounters in this vein in the span of five to ten minutes. Also I'm not easy to miss being 6'2", over three hundred pounds, sporting a mane and gigantic beard.

The steroids are working for what it's worth. I am wondering if I should be doing my stretching exercises or not. Should phone the podiatrist's office tomorrow to find out, also to see if insurance is going to cover a sleeping brace so I can stretch my Achilles tendon in my sleep.

Wondering if I should wait to shower until Friday so I can really shower at Leah's like a human being.

Also I found triple antibiotic ointment in my toiletry bag which means I don't have to shoplift the next time I get stuff.

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