Nearly every morning I bid "good morning" to six friends. This morning one of my friends hit me before I could hit them with a little gif of "Have a Berry Good Saturday". A little before 1 p.m., my friend in Egg Harbor City sent me the same gif over Facebook Messenger. Just a very strange coincidence.

Someone from the old astronomy club reached out to me by email asking for help. Very strange since I haven't involved myself with the club since January of 2021. Turns out "she" needed $400 for an iTunes gift card which elicited a "Good luck" response from me. Went ahead and phoned the president of the club to pass along the information since many members are elderly and not internet savvy.

As for the rest of Saturday I bought $60 worth of books which should arrive over the course of the coming week. Watched season 3 of Umbrella Academy and started season 4 of Stranger Things.

Since June 7th my left Achilles tendon has been giving me discomfort. It seemed to get worse because I was wearing my orthotics and maybe the left Achilles tendon wasn't fully prepared to handle them. I was popping ibuprofen like M&Ms and muddling through my day requiring me to walk throughout the county clerk's office. When I stopped wearing the shoes with the orthotics, my heel felt better but I was still cautious about my speed and how I walked, yet the pain returned. Fortunately the next week I had an appointment with my podiatrist so I sucked it up.
At the podiatrist he prescribed steroids, explained to me that ruptures happen with steroids when they're adminstered by a shot not when taken internallly as a pill. Man, that was a load off my mind. He told me if I received a cortisone shot that I'd be stuck in my boot for two weeks except for when I showered. Since my appointment was late in the day they weren't able to contact insurance about a night splint for my ankle.

While sleeping the Achilles tendon contracts, tightens up, and if it's healing then it doesn't heal right. When waking up to go take a leak, the foot is now at a 90° angle to the calf stretching the tendon. If any healing happened through the night, most likely it was torn apart by the stretching requiring the process to begin again. Each day I woke and the pain got a little worse. Mind you the pain wasn't as bad as when I injured my right Achilles tendon where I couldn't even bend my foot after getting out of bed. There wasn't a major burning sensation but there was a burning sensation in my left heel. The steroids are helping but the first three nights being on steroids, I didn't do anything to immobilize my foot. On Friday night I decided to put on my big, clumsy immobilization boot and it seems to be helping.
When my right Achilles tendon was recovering, walking was painful in addition to sleeping. Just catching my foot wrong in a tangle of covers felt like murder. The left? Not at all, except when I got out of bed and walked around but the discomfort would be manageable with ibuprofen. Now that my left foot is booted-up, it's just warm and I have no pain. Just an awkward walking style where I clomp like Herman Munster. Pretty proud of myself and pleased that I'm doing right by myself and maybe by the first of July I'll be right as rain again.

After that I'll just have to be cautious for a few more months, avoid sitting in high boy chairs for example, and maybe by fall I can walk down to the Asbury boardwalk?

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