There's a scene from my dream which takes place at the south corner of Chisholm park. I'm making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich outside on the baseball diamond but I can't find any jelly. I look inside my fridge, find a jar that's half full of jelly and begin spooning it atop the peanut butter and bread. "This jelly must be old, but it still looks good because it was refrigerated" went through my mind. When I look at the jelly I spread out, the jelly facing me had turned white. The only purple in the jelly was face-down and touching the peanut butter. I tried to flip the bread over and scoop off the white, moldy goop to no avail.

Last part of the dream, the stinger which woke me around 10 a.m., was like a television commercial. A tired young guy is riding on a bus when his wife magically appears and says, "Excuse me, do you have any pizza buzz?" I don't recall exactly if it was 'pizza buzz' but it's close enough. He looks up at her, doesn't smile, sighs and mutters, "At least she's my friend" before waving her off. She returns to the crowd on the bus when a little girl crawls out from under a seat, "Pizza buzz! Pizza buzz!" The guy turns his head to look out the window, pressing his forehead hard against the glass, watching the street and life pass him by.

Sunday was a big nothing. Wrote for the fortean website and discovered my laptop's trackpad was no longer functioning so I reinstalled the driver and rebooted, only to discover the keyboard and external mouse didn't function.


All was not lost as the keyboard and mouse still worked on the login screen, then I learned I could log into the terminal from the login screen with control-alt-F3. The laptop is functioning good enough right now. The "disable while typing" for my trackpad doesn't do shit.

Watched more of season 4 of Stranger Things, cooked dinner, went onto the back deck, napped a bit, read about Paranormal Experiences Are The Norm, Not The Exception, and a short story. After I was done reading there was a firefly who hovered in front of my face, flew over to inspect the kitchen screen door then flew along the back wall of the house. The little bug then flashed and cast a circle of light a little smaller than my handspan against the house and I was completely enraptured by that small phenomenon.

It's supposed to rain heavily tomorrow.

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