Not a lot of work to be done today, but the three jobs I had wound up requiring me to spend a lot of time in hopes of getting everything correct. I wanted to finish everything but one job wound up presenting a challenge. For some reason sheriff's deeds almost never recite the prior deed requiring a searcher to grantee the defendant. It's a pain in the ass, but an even bigger pain in the ass when the owner took title before instruments were recorded on computers. I think I have a handle on this job, even though whomever responded from the field email account suggested busy work which I will humor, but I'm just mentally exhausted and physically exhausted from managing and working through my various injuries.

I was in a restaurant and there was pizza available. Found out that I was, horror of horrors, in Texas. Turns out the people running the joint were from New Jersey. I asked where and one responded "Roebling" and another responded, "Florence". Having no idea where those towns are, nor any recollection of such towns existing in New Jersey, I asked some questions but the restaurant proprietors were unable to answer. Instead I responded, "Ah, that's why the pizza is so good."
Then I was at the top of a very wide beach, much like Wildwood, New Jersey, and the ocean came rushing in causing me to get soaked with sea water.

I woke and it was still dark, but my left knee was hurting. Been sleeping in my immobilization boot and it seems I tweaked it in the night. Wearing the boot is awkward and I don't believe it helped my situation. Aroundly 4:30 a.m. I phoned my podiatrist's office to say my heel still hurts, just not as bad, and how I never heard back about insurance potentially covering my night splint. With my knee acting up again, I'll probably call the specialist who looked at it after my most recent trip to the emergency room.

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