Tremendous pain in my left knee. Waiting for 7:30 a.m. this morning to call orthopedist and see if they can see me. Don't want to go to the emergency room again. Walking is very difficult, if this can be called walking. Unfortunately Leah is not around for an assist but I need to become used to such a state of affairs.

Yesterday I felt alright enough after getting up, taking my pills, and resting while I did some work. All the walking around at the courthouse did me in. In that better frame of mind I gained insight on the problem of addiction. Atop my four iburofen taken at 6 in the morning, give or take, I popped a migraine med an hour later.
The migraine med was acetominophen with caffeine to assist the acetominophen moving through the body to where it was needed, I felt better. Then I thought, "Huh, I almost feel happy." First and foremost the pain had greatly subsided, secondly I'm sure the caffeine amped up my system which may have contributed to a brighter mood. So I thought, "This is why people take opiates to kill physical pain. This is why people do speed for the lift in mood by giving the body the illusion of physical activity and physical activity can lift one's mood." This is on top of my thought concerning alcoholism back in May.

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