Took a personal day which is why I didn't really mind travelling across the state. I had a podiatrist appointment around 3 p.m., they didn't get me in 'til 30 minutes later, and then I didn't speak with the nurse practitioner nor doctor for another thirtysomething minutes. Hilarious how Republicans would argue how socialized healthcare is slow when the system in the United States of America leaves little to be desired.

Apparently my feet have little to no support so they taped them up. I'm surprised that merely taping up my feet makes them feel better. Also I need to start wearing compression socks since regular socks aren't helping matters. My right foot is a little bloated because it's arthritic, what with my history of gout, and I need to minimize my walking since my Achilles tendon is still healing up. A shame since the weather's beginning to warm up and it'd be nice to walk to downtown Asbury rather than driving there.

Now I'm rounding out my day with laundry and I think I'm just going to get stoned than do anything else. I'll probably go to the bar on Thursday evening.

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