Sunday was much better than Saturday. I texted with one of my new friends before we had lunch. During my drive down to Toms River and back to the 'hood I had a lovely long chat with a new friend from my monthly support group.
I took care of cats, Kira was home, everyone got pets and wet food while I told them how much I miss their company.
Lunch was fine, we chatted and caught up on things for some time. I guess maybe I talk a little too loud, but then again I'm a big guy. I can talk a little loud and still nobody in their right mind is going to fuck with me.

Work on Monday was annoying because Ocean's website was down and didn't come back up 'til 9 a.m.. Typically I start work around 7:30. Also while setting up a job with the chain of title, I inadvertantly printed the wrong deed which caused confusion which made me put the job aside for Tuesday. When I got into the county everything went smoothly, even this son-of-a-bitch note that made me pull 30+ books because some dipshit between 1954 and 1985 styled themselves as a real estate mogul and they had a bunch of inter-family deeds and potential easements/right of ways requiring me to check 'em all to ensure they did not affect the property in question.

Now I'm home. My landlord is going to hook me up with a few edibles because I introduced him to my dealer and she's got some good shit. Reckon I'll catch forty winks before heading to the open gaming night in East Brunswick. I hear my dealer will be in attendance.

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