Had an edible on Tuesday night, got seriously fucked up, didn't write an entry, and hit the hay around 9-ish in the evening.
As typical of marijuana, woke sometime in the middle of the night, tossed and turned before falling back to sleep where the dreams began.

I don't recall much from the dreams, but here's what I do have. First oneiric vignette was me laying on the ground looking up at a gray, unremarkable sky. Suddenly the sky was full of orange and gold, streaked with yellow lightning, prompting me to roll over and curse Russia because they actually hurled the first missile.

Startled awake, I eventually found sleep again. I was back in Toms River at Leah's place. She was in a panic and wanted me to check the master bedroom because she thought she saw a snake under the bed. Looking under the bed I saw something moving, but it noticed me and made a beeline towards me. I could see it was a white snake with a diamond-shaped head about twelve inches long but the same thickness as a rattlesnake. I threw a sock full of sand at it to halt its advance then woke up.

I went to the bar to write, but instead I wound up texting a lot more. I had a residual good mood from Tuesday's edible and I think it made me a normie who wanted to communicate with other people rather than eliminating distractions and getting down to writing. At first I sat in the back, but someone behind me had a very annoying voice like a muppet. She got up to hit the bar and saw they had a remarkable prognathous jaw but a nice body. But that voice was truly annoying like a muppet crossed with one of the martians from Mars Attacks.

My mood seems to be normalizing without dipping lower. On Thursday I'll have to do necessary shit like clean my living space and start adulting.

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