Probably repeating myself, bear with me. Somehow on Friday I wound up tweaking my left heel/Achilles tendon. I didn't feel it until Saturday morning. Stayed in the entire weekend, kept myself booted, and I was hopeful about going into the county to do my job. Ocean County has not repaired their elevator so I was stuck using the stairs all day on Monday. When I got home, removed the boot, I was in agony. Tried to sleep through Monday night into Tuesday, the pain kept waking me up, I reckon the way I was climbing the stairs was not conducive to healing up.
On the bright side, my heel/Achilles tendon no longer hurts, yet the top of my ankle going into my foot hurts like crazy. Ice pack didn't help much, took four ibuprofen to no avail, and I'm hoping I will soldier through this and not miss work.

Just an aside about work. When my direct report sends me jobs, they're typically reasonable. When my former direct report, and my direct report's new manager, sends me work they're always a fucking shit-show. Not looking forward to today, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do to keep a roof over his head and retain reliable transportation, ĉ?

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