Woke last night because I felt uncomfortable. My left big toe was feeing pre-gouty so I went ahead and began brewing up some black bean broth as a preventative measure. Poste mi onanis per memoro de mia rufulino kaj spiris regule tranviliĝi mian menson kaj korpon ĉar ludanda Hurgle ne helpis min kaj la respondo de la ludo estis "HTTPD". I dreamt I was in a house full of people who ensured that I knew they loved me, but they weren't overbearing about it since being super-overbearing makes such gestures feel fake. I remember there was a string of dogs at the front door, snow on the ground, I saw Mister Bean driving the mini-est Cooper Mini ever down the street and parking in front of someone else's house.

Circumstances then had me in the back seat of a car which filled up with other people. They were the nephews of my soon-to-be former marriage and they were wearing the black t-shirts with a left breast pocket. I started to cry and woke up.

It was 7:11 a.m., I turned off the low heat on my black bean broth, poured myself a cup, took my pills, and started my day.

In other news, my site is a hot mess.

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