Monday was busy with work. I finished nearly every job sent to me, save one. One was for Lakewood and some members of its primary population. Fortunately I was able to acquire the policy and just run from 2003 to present otherwise it would've been a nightmare.
My first credit card arrived and it's activated. I'm adulting.
Got an oil change.
Finished a job at home.
Scheduled links for the fortean website's Twitter account.
Spoke with my friend in Beachwood.
Spoke to my friend from my support group.
Cooked dinner.
Washed dishes.
Hoping tomorrow's court date goes easily and this speeding ticket is mitigated or eliminated outright. A few days after I got it, I did the math in my head and the hit of hiring a lawyer and paying a lesser fine wound up being the lesser of two evils. The other evil being just paying the fine and moving on with life, but facing increased insurance premiums for a mistake. With inflation being at 7% and high gas prices thanks to Russia being an asshole, I need to be practical with cash.

I feel good.

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