A little before 4:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning I awoke and screamed. I described it as having no senses. Just darkness. Then I realized I was asleep, heard a distant voice and woke up with a scream.

Jesus Christ. I made black bean broth just in case I got a gout attack. Started my workday, realized I had too much work, panicked, wound up having to contact the home office with questions, my self-confidence took a nosedive, had a subtle but embarassing incident at the courthouse, panicked again, and wrapped my workday.

Went to the doctor, that went well. I gained a kilogram / 2 pounds since December. Please note I gained 33 pounds / 14 kilograms since June of 2021. Blood pressure was normal. Discussed my gout.

On Wednesday I spoke with my friend Rameen, my new friend from Sunday, my friend in Beachwood (twice), and my dealer who is doing well, thank you very much.

May Thursday be kinder.

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