I think my application of spivak's razor is wrong, but I'm thinking about the current state of society in the USA. And its basis lay in a sample of two. The other day my friend S. in south Jersey reached out to share a funny meme about how Germans call turtles "shield frogs". I thanked her, told her a little more about what I know regarding language and nomenclature then asked how she was doing. Her response?

Please do not take offense, but I'm not in a place where I can talk about myself rightnow. Nothing that you did I just have a lot if outside factors up in the air."

Fair enough. I responded with a distraction about Russian culture. Basically Americans greet each other with "How ya dooin'?" but don't really mean it. They're just saying hello and responding with "good" is sufficient. Ask a Russian how they're doing, you're going to get the truth which is funny considering how RT, its affiliates, and any media outlets in Russia are purveyors of lies and disinformation. An American being on the receiving end of such a response would be taken aback to such an innocent but meaningless question. The punchline to me sharing this bit of trivia is, "I bring this up to distract you and teach you something, but also to thank you for knowing when I ask you how you are doing I am being sincerw not superficial."

Thursday morning she responded that she's separating.

For those of you who follow this (mostly) frequently updated online journal, I am separated from my wife. My situation has been brewing since 2017, came to a head in 2018, 2019 and some of 2020 was hopeful until October when Leah gave me an ultimatum.

So today I was wondering, "Are separations and divorces on the rise? Is it due to inflation and/or the crimes of the previous regime continuing to consume the flesh of the Republic like cancer?" On the other hand, I wondered if society is changing which also means our concept of relationships becoming broader and looser with polyamory and ethical non-monogamy becoming normalized. On the gripping hand, maybe I'm a pothead with too much time on his hands.
So I phoned my friend in Beachwood because they're level-headed and have a different perspective than me without being a typical Ocecan county MAGA zombie. They're actually a socialist, for what it's worth. A rarity in the blood-red county of Ocean.
Beachwood reckoned the second hypothesis is probably the most likely culprit, noting how we're in a liminal state where women are pursing greater freedoms and greater acceptance of human diversity.

Still it niggles at my brain. I'm wondering if there's a light at the end of this tunnel or not. Moreso, I'm wondering if there is a light it's representative of hope rather than a freight train barrelling down the tracks.

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