Sunday was a lazy day. Woke up around ten in the morning. The wind was screaming outside and according to weather.baby it was a formidable 17 mph / 27 kph. Wrote for the fortean website, took a minor break before starting a new project. Phase 1 of the project is 84% complete. It was an onerous task but not impossible, leaving me feeling quite proud of myself regarding my accomplishment. Phase 2 is already stewing in my head and should prove to be fun, if time consuming. Phase 3 may prove difficult but this could mean a little extra income for me at the end of the day. My friend Tim from Massachusetts has contributed to the task, including making a name for the project, and I agreed to include him 50/50 regardless of the project's success. No idea what codename I'll give it in the meantime so I can allude to it here at inkubo.org. Immediately afterwards was my D&D game and it was fun and ran a little over than the dungeon master likes, but the online group didn't play last week so it evens out in the end. The rest of my day was spent doing research and accumulating things for the project.

Leah phoned me around lunch to enquire about my well-being after the reunion last night. She said that the people who know me remarked that my mood seemed to be lighter than they recall from last time. Also I saw on Instagram (IG) Leah requested to follow me and check out my feed but I'm on the fence about this since I do need boundaries, but I don't want to be an asshole. For context I delete friend requests from my biological parents, typically my biological father since my biological mother doesn't seem to give two shits anyway, but I haven't cut Leah out of my life nor is she dead to me, but I'm still trying to get my head straight. I don't know if I have the headspace to allow her to follow my remarkably normiecore and vanilla IG right now since there's turmoil in the real world and, again, I'm still adjusting.

While I avoided going to the other county on Friday, I'll be going to that county on Monday. I hate that county and find many of the people there, county workers and searchers, to grate on my nerves. Not everyone, for what it's worth, but enough to make me wish I'd main Ocean County forevermore and maybe visit the other county once a month or less.

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