Work was easy today, but demanded a lot of physical effort because the examiners were requesting many old instruments that only exist in deed books. By the time I returned home, my shoulders were aching like crazy so I took some ibuprofen and rubbed Icy Hot on my shoulders. Also my left toe is feeling a bit tricky so I drank some of my black bean broth in hopes of forstalling any discomfort or worse. Also there's been a cold snap during the last couple of days but supposedly Thursday is going to bring temperatures of 70° or so.

Beyond that, I feel alright. Also I learned buying Cadbury chocolate bars off Amazon is four bucks cheaper than if I bought the same amount from a local store. I won't eat Hershey's because it tastes like vomit. Why does it taste like vomit? Because Hershey's has a process which can utilize milk that's gone off a bit.

Going to be drying out from smoking weed for a while because I don't want to spend extra money. Not to mention I've been self-conscious of late being unable to complete thoughts while having a conversation. I'm afraid of becoming demented or worse but my associates say they feel the same way and chalk it up to marijuana.

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