Dreamt I was at the shore on a boardwalk. My lodgings were on the second or third floor and afforded me a remarkable view of the ocean which lapped against the balcony and my window. As the dream progressed, the ocean became more and more agitated. At first a few waves began crashing harder against my ledge sending spray into my room, followed by waves spilling into my room, then a wall of angry water barreling towards me. Unlike other thalassic dreams in the past, I wasn't terrified and resigned myself to dealing with this ocean.
I reckon the ocean is my subconscious because I have a lot going on in my head gving me agita.

On Beltane night I went to Wawa for a soda from the Coke Freestyle kiosk. For those of you who don't know, a freestyle is a soda fountain full of various soda syrups and it can provide almost any soda and affords the consumer the ability to mix and match to their tastes. One hypothesis about a Coke Freestyle is this is how Coca Cola determines what may be a marketable new flavor for their brand by evaluating mixtures people might experiment with while pouring out a soda.
For a Saturday night the Wawa was busy but the cashier was closing up for the night and said I could have my soda for free.
Woo hoo!

Lastly regarding yesterday's entry, the grandfather ghost's granddaughter's name is uncommon in their neck of the woods.

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