After work on Friday I came home, scanned my work, uploaded it for the home office then packed for my weekend. Leah's away and the cats need to be looked after in her absence. While bringing out a basket of laundry to my car I saw the Jamaican girl downstairs sitting with her white boy in her car. White Boy proceeded to throw a bowl, some microwaveable shit, out the window. I walked over.
"You do know there's garbage cans all around."
To the best of my recollection, Jamaica tried to backpedal for her White Boy saying a gust of wind knocked it out of his lap through the window. He gave me an attitude without saying anything, so I put the laundry in my car and went back in the house where I called upstairs for the landlord. Told him, he went outside and gave them a talking-to about how they can't be doing that kind of stuff.
The landlord went back inside, I came out to put the rest in my car and White Boy threw me a shaka 🤙 as the pair drove down the street. The shaka turned into a middle finger when he passed me whereupon I went back inside and told the landlord again.

The landlord went on about how he made a special arrangement for Jamaica who begged for him to give White Boy a chance, how he's troubled and needs a second chance, and how he'd only be here for a little while. Against his better judgement, my landlord caved because he's a genuinely good guy. Then he told me more about their situation and that's when Jamaica came back inside, came upstairs and found me listening to the landlord tell me their story. I excused myself and went to spend time with the cats.

I had two wonderful showers, I ate, I spent time with the cats, I watched Sherlock Holmes (2009) and realized Lilyhammer is earnest but ultimately boring and watered-down The Sopranos. Not surprising since most call it Silvio in Norway since Steven Van Zandt plays Silvio Dante in The Sopranos and Frank the Fixer / Giovanni Henriksen on Lilyhammer.

Sunday evening rolled around and I headed back to the 'hood.

The house was quiet and soon I was asleep. Woke sometime around 5 a.m., went outside and checked on my car and found it was intact, then back to bed. I dreamt but I don't recall much of my dreams since I didn't take notes to relate a dream here. I do recall there was a powerful thunderstorm on Monday morning and I felt a bit of comfort hearing the rumbles. My friend in Matawan remarked on how their apartment shook from some of the thunder!

Work was light, got everything squared away, didn't have to shower since I showered on Sunday evening in Toms River. At 11:30 I walked out to begin my commute when I saw a white Hyundai sedan was parked behind my car. About an inch away from my rear bumper. Also two guys were getting out of that car so I clicked my fob to at least catch their attention before they tried anything. Mind you living in the 'hood has been peaceful and safe but they had a je ne sais quois about them.

"Hey, that's kinda close."
"Yeah, sorry. We didn't hit your car."
"No worries, just wanna take a look and make sure."
The two walked down one house and one turned back, "Is that a stick or an automatic?"
Now that's a weird fucking question.
I shrugged, "I dunno. Just know I put the key in and I can drive."
They walked a little further and got on their phone. I pulled out, turned around, photographed their car to get their license plate and decided I was going to circle around the block and catch a photograph of them. A minute later I realized they were gone.

So I phoned the Neptune police, gave them my details and information about the incident along with a note they'd be calling me back. Good. I phoned my landlord, asked if there was still a white car out in front and he said yeah but that's when the cops called me back. I missed their call because I didn't want to rush my landlord off the phone. Then I called the number back but it went to the Monmouth sheriff's department and the cops tried calling again. Third time was a charm, I gave my story again along with the details while mentioning I was on my way to work.

While walking to the courthouse I texted my landlord and thanking him for taking my call earlier then asked if there was a white car across the way, to which he affirmed it was still parked there. I brought up White Boy and the landlord said he threw the guy out since he seemed to be starting some negativity with Jamaica which was the final straw.

Work was fine. One searcher showed me how to turn negative copies into positive copies out of the blue. Struck me as exceptionally kind because he usually seems to have a chip on his shoulder and my first interaction with him was him kicking in a drawer in front of me then staring at me back in 2019. First impressions do endure.

Then the thought came to me, "Oh... maybe White Boy got some of his boys to get revenge on me. Either vandalize or steal my car." With that thought bouncing around in my skull, I decided I'd go to Leah's and spend more time with the cats. I still had to scoop litter, freshen water, and dish out kibble as well. Plus they got catnip.

I fell asleep watching Sherlock Holmes 2. I blame the calming effects of feline company and having a stressful day. Hit the Brick Costco, had a cheap dinner and came home. Went upstairs to the landlord's room and thanked him for having my back. He went ahead and thanked me for looking out for him and the house then mentioned how there was a shitshow earlier Monday afternoon. The cops showed up, they were going back and forth with the fat goth chick across the street and they were out there for hours. Apparently the two guys had some connection with the fat goth chick and her female friend but the Neptune police were very interested in that group.

Right now I feel like the dust is settling. The self-imposed thoughts of doom are fading like morning mist in the sunrise. I have a slight headache and I reckon it's time for bed.

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