For the longest time my vanity has been assaulted by the presence of a skin tag on my left eyelid. Everytime I'd look at myself in the mirror, I'd see it and write myself off as being ugly. This little piece of flesh was the only thing I could see, aside from the bump near the tip of my nose, and they were a source of self-hate. My friend in Beachwood suggested they could remove them but I declined since they were on my eyelids.
A few years ago I had a large skin tag removed from the bottom of my belly, on the right side, which had been around since the mid-nineties. Leah twisted it then taped it against me so it'd wither and die, which it did.
As for the eyelids, the procedure required tiny little snips, some alcohol, tissue, and styptic. I think Leah suggested it could be removed in the same manner, but being so close to my eyes I was squicked by the idea and figured I'd continue through life as a 21st century John Merrick. After a few rough mental days I decided I'd reach out to Beachwood and see if they were still game to remove these benign tumors. After work I went to Beachwood's house and got down to business. My eyelid was cleaned with alcohol, whereupon I closed my eye and with two snips the offending pseudopod was removed from my eyelid. It hurt and the procedure was uncomfortable but after holding a tissue against the wound then receiving styptic, I looked a bit better. Beachwood pointed out the one on my right eyelid and I declined, so we chatted about life while I held a tissue against the wound when I decided "Fuck it" and asked to have the other one removed. Being a smaller specimen, the procedure went quicker and didn't bleed as much. Now my eyelids look almost normal and I'm happy with the results.

Right now my eyelids feel a little sore where the skin tags were removed but it's a small price to pay for vanity and confidence, ĉu ne?

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