Knock me over with a feather but when I returned from the courthouse on Thursday afternoon I discovered I was going to be in Ocean County again rather than suffering in the other county. I was able to sneak in an appointment and, based upon the work that was sent to me, there's good reason for me to be in Ocean. Six full searches, three of them strict. I'm sure my co-worker in the other county is doing just fine without me taking up space.

Besides that, I am unreasonably angry.

Dreamt I was someplace rural and forested the other night. Night was already upon me as I wandered down the trails and through a few fields encircled by trees. Looking up there was no light pollution and the sky was nothing like one would expect in New Jersey with its rampant overdevelopment and car dealerships flooding the sky with unnecessary light. The air was silent, no bugs nor birds nor wind rustling the leaves of the forest. Suddenly the lights came on and I was standing in a stable full of goats. I moved along a narrow path lined with barbed wire which became narrower with each step without actually scratching or cutting me. The goats watched me and seemed welcoming, but I wasn't able to reach them to give pets.

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