I ditched my Sunday D&D game a few weeks back. One player was being very lolrandumb about stealing everything he possibly could and it was distracting from the game. No one else really seemed to have an issue but I felt I had to quit. On the bright side that itch to play a roleplaying game with other human beings has been thoroughly scratched and I'm good for now.

The motif last night was Fight Club. The United States of America had been taken over by the People's Republic of China and no one could find a copy of Fight Club, book or film, anywhere. Or at least as the story was remembered. Instead Fight Club was boiled down to a series of boring parables about the proletariat struggle under capitalism and some of the actors looked like Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. Making matters worse, the dream kept repeating itself throughout the night like Groundhog Day. The only respite was an unpleasant respite where I was working at a desk with my laptop, there was a black girl in front of me and to my right. The floor was a mess of power cables powering everyone's personal computer in this room. The girl in front of me turned, her foot dragged against my power cord, yanking my computer towards the edge of the table. I asked her to fix the cable and she started getting angry at me, raising her voice while goaded on by the girl to my right, demanding I buy her and her friend breakfast as an apology for even questioning her actions or she'll turn me in to the red Chinese authorities.

Fortunately the boring "lost" Fight Club motif continued and ended this scene. More and more of the "new" film was revealed but not much. Around 7 a.m. I couldn't take the monotony anymore, woke up, stood on the front porch for a minute then peeked out the back door for a bit. It was windy on Sunday morning. Shortly after I acquired the earworm of Bruce Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark.

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