After a long weekend of doing nothing, besides tidying my room and writing for the fortean website, I burned all the saved energy up on Monday at work. The jobs provided by work were alright, but two notes required me to make several copies of deeds and one note had me take a search back 60 years. The search split into two tracts sometime before 1990, IIRC, and I had a gap in the chain of title which had me stumped for a bit. Long story short, everything's sorted and I'm a member of the clean plate club again. But fucking hell, I'm beat to shit.

Doesn't help that I only had about six hours of sleep and woke around 6:30 a.m. on Monday.

Since my brain feels dead, I'm going to post earworms.

Those aren't in any order.

My expense check arrived on Friday but I didn't get around to cashing it 'til Monday. Used $20 to eat at the Chinese buffet in Toms River. Here's my fortune from the cookie.

a slip of paper from a fortune cookie bearing the words if you look back, youll soon be going that way

I feel it's very relevant. Not gonna say why.

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