I hurt my knee sometime on Tuesday night and it kept waking me up. I did eventually find sleep and a little dreaming.

What I do recall pertains to me moving forward through time. I only recall my last encounter where I'm talking to a young man and ask him how far I am in the future. He says, "Oh we don't use your reckoning anymore." He turns around to to his colleague in a language I can not understand then looks at me, "I am as old as you are as you were to Howard Carter."
I could interpret that in any fashion like it's 96 years in the future using Carter's and my birthdate, or 31 years from Carter's death date to my birthdate, or weirder still he might be referring to me as if I am as old as Tutankhamun to him as Tutankhamun was as old to Howard Carter.

On March 1st I received my first speeding ticket in decades. Some street in Bloomfield had a lower speed limit than expected. The cop had a bodycam and the entire incident went lickety-split because he couldn't pull typical cop shit because he was on camera and had to be on his best behavior.
Why was I in Bloomfield? I was delivering Mardi Gras beads to my friend up there and briefly mentioned my grand New Jersey tour on inkubo.org. In short: After leaving the courthouse I dropped off some beads at Leah's, drove to Bloomfield to drop off beads on my friend's car but got caught heading there, went back down south, made a turn at LBI, dropped off more beads there, then attended my support group where I threw around beads to celebrate Mardi Gras and be funny about it.
No, I did not see any tits.

Since I bought my car I've been receiving credit card offers and I figured this would help me manage the hit of a traffic ticket. Moreso since the ticket I was deluged with spam from lawyers around the state who said they'd help me avoid points and my insurance going up. I was aware of this because while living with Leah, having my separate car insurance with my new car, I saw how my car insurance rate had nearly doubled. Why? Leah had a speeding ticket and since we are still married and living together the insurance company had to assume she had permission to drive my car. Not by a long shot. Doing a little math in my head I realized getting hit hard, financially, once would make more sense than enduring years of higher rates which would have me spending more in the long run.

I called out sick on Wednesday because I tweaked my left knee, some lateral injury, and it was the day of my virtual court hearing. I called the lawyer and his number was disconnected. I did a quick search and discovered he's been suspended for two years for gross misconduct among other things. First thing that went through my mind was, "Jesus Christ, I fucking hired Saul Goodman." I called the courthouse and they couldn't help me. Explained my situation and the lady told me to tell it to the judge.
At 10 a.m. I logged into the zoom meeting and discovered my attorney got another attorney to handle my situation. Whew. Rather than getting saddled with four points, I paid $400 and received no points.

Afterwards I phoned my friend Binnall about crediit cards. He mentioned how credit card companies want people to carry a balance but as long as it's being paid down, it won't adversely affect one's credit score. Then I talked with my friend in Bloomfield for the first time since January, we've been texting just not talking on the phone, and while they don't have a credit card she affirmed what Binnall told me. To be absolutely certain I pinged my therapist because she got me in contact with someone who knows all about building up credit. Her response confirmed Binnall and Bloomfield and I feel a lot better.

In other news I've been thinking about writing. Dodgy Truman Capote references aside for the purpose of self-disparagement, I know I'm a typist. At best I'm writing outlines of things which desperately demand elaboration. I force myself to be quick, rarely enjoying my work whether for title searching or writing, and performing a task just to get it done. Gotta see about changing my perception of writing, change my perception about working, and learn to enjoy myself rather than crossing the finish line for the sake of crossing the finish line.

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