Wednesday night while talking with my friend in Egg Harbor City I went through my LiveJournal and copied every dream I had recorded between 2011 and 2020. One hundred and twenty one pages of my typing about dreams, including an entry concerning a potential ghost encounter which will probably get posted sooner than later. What I plan on doing is sharing the dreams on the date they were originally posted at LiveJournal here. That means I'll start posting this October. There are two dreams from 2011 followed by dreams in 2015. First dream is 10/15/2011 and I need to look into the heptapod.org archive to see if I have a second draft of this dream. Following that is a dream on 11/5/2011 before jumping forward to 2/22/2015.

I have something to look forward to with inkubo.org.

On Thursday night I went to a bar in Brick for a work-hosted "happy hour" with co-workers. I was awkward, the joint was loud and with the crush of humans I became very warm very quickly. Still there was free food.

On my way home I had to stop at Wawa to drop a deuce. It was the filthiest and worst-kept Wawa bathroom I've ever seen. The sink was broken, there was no soap in the dispenser, and the toilet had no toilet paper. Fortunately I was able to get three of those toilet seat covers out of a dispenser, probably the last three, and wiped my ass so I could get up and ask that they provide toilet paper so I can finish the job. Turns out there was no manager available but one of the customer service reps helped me out. I tweeted at Wawa's Twitter account but seen any acknowledgement on their end.

Worried that I'm being a Karen.

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