My knee is feeling better but it's being tricky. I'm walking slowly and being careful because every now and again my knee will twinge or slip a little as if to remind me, "You're not out of the woods yet."
Made an appointment with the orthopedist for Tuesday morning and hoping everything is going to be alright.

Now I am a bit concerned about money, but it's probably unfounded, because my friend in Matawan told me how she went to the emergency room in the past year and wound up in the hole for $5,000. They followed up with their family member being in the hospital, under the same insurance, and having a $6,000 bill for their stay.

When I left the hospital on Saturday afternoon they told me I didn't have anything to pay at the time but they'd send me a bill which scares me. Just spoke with Leah who says I'll get the bill in about a month and I'm not going to get slammed. While it's assuring, I'm not going to take that as the word of god but I feel a little less anxious.

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