Wednesday started rough as I was stuck fast in my head like Excalibur was in the stone. Went to Toms River, took care of the cats, showered, watched The History of the Future Folk and it was an absolute delight to watch. Speaking of movies I watched Everything, Everywhere, All At Once on Tuesday night and it was remarkably refreshing and unique.

Also on Wednesday I repotted by echeveria, gave it some blood meal to go with the new soil and pot plus water. I hope my plant lives a long time and remains a happy plant.

I came to the conclusion that the internet makes one stupid. Smartphones are toxic for one's concentration. Also read an article about generating some passive income. Will read another one tomorrow and the next day until I sufficiently understand the concepts at hand. I need to slow downn, breathe, and take my time learning stuff rather than forcing myself to eat an elephant in one sitting.

One final thing: While getting dressed and ready to return to Neptune I put on my shorts. Not like an old man who lacked balance, which has been the norm since November, but like my old self. I am winning.

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